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Screaming Velocity is a software technology company providing advanced media recommendation technology for the linear TV and VOD marketplace. Our recommendation technology combines past and present consumer behavior, such as television viewing, VOD content searches, Facebook profile characteristics, and other user actions specific to video and media, to deliver user tailored TV and set-top box programming. The SVI Recommendation Engine enables MSO’s, digital TV and cable set-top box manufacturers to quickly and easily provide advanced recommendation features to their existing customer base and product portfolios.

Ease of integration is one of our strong suits at SVI. Integration with our Recommendation Engine can literally be accomplished in a matter of days by following these 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose one of our pre-integrated document sets (Rovi, TMS, etc). Alternatively, you can upload your own custom media content meta-data via our web service.
  2. Utilize one of the pre-configured SVI Recommendation templates to immediately generate preliminary, yet highly relevant, recommendations.
  3. Use the SVI web service APIs to create your unique customer profiles (user events, likes, views, social network data).
  4. Work with the SVI team to to take full advantage of your unique media meta-data and optimize the recommendations for your specific customer use cases.
VRE Tech Diagram

When solving the “recommendation problem,” data scientists around the world agree there is no single silver bullet. SVI’s expertise lies in combining the most effective state-of-the-art machine learning recommendation techniques into a powerful ensemble that produces extremely high quality personalized results.

SVI maximizes recommendation quality by utilizing all of a customers structured and unstructured video meta data. Customers can quickly and easily integrate with our cloud-based recommendation service by leveraging our powerful integration library API. The SVI Recommendation technology has been developed knowing our customers require the ability scale to millions of end users. Additionally, we allow our licensees to optimize recommendations based on their individual business rules. We work closely with our customers to optimize recommendations for their business goals such as maximizing customer retention or increasing premium content consumption.

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